Crafts Fueled by Whiskey

Monday, January 30, 2006

Rent Swap

As you can tell by this point I love Craftster swaps. Here is one that I just completed for Rent movie/play. I had a great weekend making all of this stuff. The only think I didn't make because of time constraints was a scarf like the one Mark wore in the movie. Dang school!

I did a biscuit jar with songs from the movie in fancy script (as you can tell I love doing these, they are so versatile in use!)

La Vie Boheme

Tango Maureen

One Song, Glory

Seasons Of Love

In addition, I made the marble thumb tacks and the picture turned out decent for once (normally I get this wierd sheen on them when they photograph).

I also made the old standby...Glass Plates! These turned out really great. I think I am finally getting the hang of getting all of the modge podge out from underneath the pictures so that they don't have big white spots even after they have dried.

Rent Logo with all the main characters on the border

Roger (her favorite actor)

I also made a tissue box cover of my partners favorite song, 'One Song, Glory'. I was very limited on what I could fit on the sides, so I picked out some phrases and stitched them up. My sister, Hill, was a huge help in doing this. Without her, I would be doing the sides for the next week.

If you have never been on I demand that you go there immediately ;o). Seriously, Craftster is a wonderful site for ideas. Ever since I joined, I find myself using things in new ways, taking up new crafts and getting lots of new loot due to craft swaps (must see section of Craftster).

Friday, January 27, 2006

Law & Order Swap

I did this Craftster swap a long time ago, but I thought that the etched glass "biscuit" jar turned out so awesome in this one that I thought I would share.

I love Law & Order

Gun & Gavel Outline

Her Favorite Law and Order was SVU

Chalk Outline

The 2 glass plates/coasters turned out awesome as well. The pictures around the sides were really great.

Law & Order Plate

SVU Plate


Nightmare Before Christmas Swap

This is my first post, but I have been meaning to start a craft blog for a long time now. These are items that I made for the Nightmare Before Christmas swap on

My first items was a tissue box cover that I made to feature Jack, Lock, Shock & Barrel from the movie.

Up Top View

Jack Side

Lock Side

Shock Side

Barrel Side

The next item was a glass "biscuit" jar that I etched designs from Pumpkin Masters Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Designs (thanks Hill for this excellent find in Branson for $1.50!). This turned out really well. As soon as I slow down with school and everything else I am going to have to make one of these for myself.

Jar Top

Jack with Head in Hands

Jack with spiderweb



The next item I made were 2 glass plates that I had attached pictures to using modge podge. I then used a Krylon sealer and then attached rubber feet so they wouldn't slide. I have a lot of these and I love to use them for drink coaster, beads, anything and everything basically! For some reason, the camera flash picked up some weird streaks that aren't visible in person.

Lock, Shock and Barrel with Halloween Town across the bottom

Nightmare Before Christmas Logo

I also included 2 marble thumb tacks, basically marble magnets with a tack instead of a magnet. However, the pics did not turn out, so I did not post them.